Amazing Millionaires








Henry Ford did it. Andrew Carnegie also. Helena Rubinstein achieved it. So did Coco Chanel. Thomas Edison summed it up as one percent inspiration and ninety nine percent perspiration. They all had one thing in common. They started in relative poverty and all became multi millionaires.

Therefore, I decided to find out how they were able to earn so much money. Using the biographical interview approach, I wrote up their stories, as if they had returned to tell of thier achievements. It is now published under the title of Amazing Entrepreneurs.

Due to the interest in the subject, I was asked to write a short E book version called Amazing Millionaires and that is now available at

It is interesting to note that few of the millionaires did well at school. Edison was called ‘addled’ by one of his teachers, mainly because he had a problem hearing. Andrew Carnegie worked in a factory from a young age. None of the millionaires went to a business school.

Their secret was learning from action. They turned conventional education on its head. They developed an idea, persuaded others to support them and learnt from their experience, especially their mistakes. Most of all they seized their opportunities.

 So, what are your resolutions for 2012. To what extent does becoming a multi – millionaire figure on your list. If it does, buy yourself two presents . Amazing Entrepreneurs and Amazing Millionaires are available online.