Amazing People of London

William Shakespeare made his name here. So did Charles Dickens. Florence Nightingale made major contributions to hospitals and health in the city. Christopher Wren’s famous St Paul’s Cathedral still stands. The Houses of Parliament designed by Charles Barry grace the River Thames. Buckingham Palace, where the kings and queens have lived since the 18th century, overlooks the pretty gardens of St James’ Park.

At the other end of London, the big event starts with a torch lighting a flame. The Olympic Games are once again in London, following the events of 1908 and 1948. As you watch the Olympics, you will be seeing what the people of London and the UK have achieved. It is part of a continuing story of amazing people.

To celebrate the occasion, I have written the book called Amazing People of London.

There is also a new I-book version that brings the athletes stories to life in pictures and avatars available at the

Apple i bookstore.

It is an exciting time in London and may you enjoy all the fun of the fair.