Amazing Piano Playing

A couple, who have been married for 62 years, went for a health check up. There was a piano in the clinic. They gave an impromptu performance, to the delight of everyone. Overnight, they became stars, with thousands appreciating their talent via the video that is available on the web. It proves you are never too old, even though the guy is nearly 90.  See this link for inspiration –

What would the great pianists of yesteryear think of it? George Gershwin died at the age of 37 and composed outstanding songs. Mozart died aged 35 and was renown for his ability to compose and play both the piano and the harpsichord. Add other great names like Chopin, who died aged 39, or Liszt who lived till he was 75. None of them had an audience to match the new piano stars aged in their 80s. It shows the power of the web and the instant age of worldwide communication in which we live. It also shows that you never know when people will recognize your talent. So, keep on doing what you enjoy.

Later this year, I will publish the book Amazing Musicians to present to the life stories of many great and famous names. Information on the projects is at

Thanks to vintagepiano for the use of the flickr photo


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