Are You Appreciated?

The people who are most appreciated are not the richest or the most famous, or the most successful.

They are people who enhanced the lives of others. They were kind. They were loving. They fulfilled  their responsibilities.

When they could, they gave to charitable causes. If they could not give money, they gave time. They were loyal friends and committed members of communities. They were people you could count on.

In my research on the lives of amazing people  I have found many who are recognized for their success in business, science, politics and other fields. But, a lot of them let their ambitions get in the way of their relationships.

There are only a few who are honoured for their are some who are well remembered.

Amazing People

Florence Nightingale spent most of her adult life trying to improve the nursing and health conditions for injured soldiers. Irena Sendler was tortured by the Germans for saving the lives of Jewish children. Dr Barnardo walked the streets of London to find and help destitute children. Oscar Schindler took major risks to save Jews who worked for him.

It is noticeable that many successful business people tried to change their image and purpose later in life. Rockefeller moved from being a hard commercial operator to a major benefactor of charities. Alfred Nobel decided to establish the Nobel international prizes when he was informed he would be remembered as a person that caused the death of many people through his dynamite explosions.

So, are you appreciated? If so, by whom and why? How will you be remembered?