Career Leaders

  • Amazing People
    Amazing People
  • What makes a leader amazing? Is it their ideas and creativity, their knowledge, their ability to make things work or the fact that they develop a business and make money?
  • Galileo led by looking beyond Earth and finding a new world in the skies. Dr Louis Pasteur led by searching for and finding minute organisms, called bacteria, that was the start of the fight back against dreaded diseases. Elizabeth Blackwell led the way by becoming the first registered female doctor, despite opposition.
  • Elizabeth Arden charted her path from a small town to the bright lights of the international cities. She had a vision and worked hard to make it come true. Alfred Nobel worked hard at developing the family business, but harder still when he developed the idea of the Nobel Prizes.

There are many factors required to succeed, but often it is the drive and determination of the individual that pushes them to great heights.  After all, there have been many bright inventors and artists who died in poverty. All of the leaders chose a clearly defined path in life, often in times when the idea of having a career-focused life was unusual.  Despite hitting many hurdles and problems, they pressed on – even when failure seemed to be inevitable.

I have been studying leaders from the fields of science, literature, aviation, medicine and other areas, such as business and politics. We need to eradicate the notion that leaders were simply people who managed large organizations.

The main contribution of leaders was their perception.They perceived new ideas and ways of doing things and convinced others how to make improvements. If you have a great idea then show leadership by sharing it and gaining support for its application. Examples of amazing people who have done it are in the book Amazing Careers