How Amazing Are You?

Amazing Careers
Amazing Careers

For fun, you can assess how you rate yourself on our amazing people criteria. This has been developed based on the interpretation of the lives of amazing people.

Allocate scores on the following scale, based on your own self assessment on the items listed :

0 – Not at all

1 – Very little

2 – A fair amount

2 – A lot

3 –  To a large extent

Talent – To what extent have you:

  1. developed your special talents?
  2. applied your special talents to projects/

Time – How well have you:

  1. allocated your time to useful projects?
  2. gained effective results from what you have done?

Conversion – How well have you:

  1. converted opportunities into achievements?
  2. converted problems into solutions?
  3. converted adversity to achievements?

Satisfaction – To what extent are you:

  1. satisfied with the quality of your work
  2. satisfied with the style of life you lead?
  3. satisfied with your career?

Factors – How do you rate yourself on:

  1. Determination
  2. Motivation
  3. Focus
  4. Skills
  5. Seizing opportunities.
  6. Achieving results.
  7. Developing effective networks of people who help you.
  8. Taking risks that pay off.
  9. Planning ahead.
  10. Innovating


Count the scores and see how your score compares with our amazing person comparison.

  • Truly amazing – If you gained over 90%
  • On the way to amazing – if you gained over 65%
  • About average – if you gained 36 – 64 %
  • Below average  – under  35%

(c) Dr Charles J Margerison – President of The Amazing People Club –