Mozart’s Journeys


One of the advantages of following amazing people is that one gets to meet them  – in a virtual sense of the term. Today, I played the part of Wolfgang Mozart in an audio production that we are making on his life. I was astounded by vast number of miles he travelled. He was like a pop star of his day long before he was a teenager. His father organized concerts in France, Holland, Germany, England, Italy as well as those in Vienna and his native Salzburg.

Today, we take it for granted that we can fly from one European capital city to another in about an hour. Mozart had to travel on rough roads through wind, rain, ice and snow and then find whatever lodgings were available. En route, he learned how to speak English and conversed in a few other languages. In between, his regular travels he composed and managed to keep his manuscripts dry and safe despite the conditions. Overall, in his 35 years, I felt he had a tough life, not least because four of his six children died during infancy. However, through his music he left a magnificent legacy and it was a pleasure to give voice to his story which will appear as one of the Amazing People Club audios in 2010.

Thanks to azriel for the use of this photo from flickr


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