New Amazing Scientists Book


Finding the secrets of nature. Curing dreadful illnesses. Creating new wonder materials. Changing our world. Scientists have provided us with amazing discoveries. I have been working on a book and audio project that covers many of the issues above. It  has taken me on a journey through time to explore the life of some of the amazing scientists.

The book and audios provide virtual interviews with Einstein, Darwin, Pasteur, Newton and others, as if they were alive today. It has been a great experience to learn about these famous people and bring them back to life through biographical interviews.

We can gain an insight on their trials and tribulations, as well as their great successes.Each of the BioViews is based on the facts of their life with an interpretation of how they could have felt at the time. The book will be published in 2010, but  twenty of the audios are already published online at Learn Out Loud. These include ones on Lister the great doctor, Newton, Faraday and Davy the outstanding scientists, and  those on Edith Cavell and Florence Nightingale the heroic nurses.  Also, included is an audio on the life of Michelangelo and Mozart.


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