Springbrook Students and Amazing Colonists

01 - Governor Arthur PhillipRecently, I was invited with some colleagues to visit Springbrook School, Queensland , Australia and introduce some people from our amazing people series. We chose Governor Phillip and the first Europeans to establish a fixed colonial settlement in New South Wales, Australia.

It was an exciting morning, when the students had an opportunity to see a video that recreated the voyage of the First Fleet. It was a specially designed avatar based video that set the scene for group discussions and tasks.

Parents and teachers were present to role play the convicts, the military and the government officials of the first colony in Australia. The students were asked to meet in groups. They were given six words  – what, how , when , where, who and why. They made questions from these and put those to the convicts, the military and government people. They also raised questions about the aboriginal tribes, who were there when the colonists arrived.

As you can image, the students surprised the adults with their questions. In the process, everyone learned a lot.

We are now developing a range of short audio visuals for teachers and students. These can be viewed at http://amazingpeopleworld.com/

To view the videos, please put in your email and go to the Topics section. It would be helpful to gain feedback on how useful the videos are to teachers. We look forward to any comments.