Student’s and Teacher’s Views on Learning

Education Views

When you were at school, did any of the teachers ever ask you to give feedback about their lessons and style of teaching?

In my experience, teachers rarely get feedback on their teaching methods, particularly if the students are dissatisfied with the learning process. Students will be marked by teachers, so they are usually careful about what they say.

Instead, the students go outside and complain to each other that the class was ‘ a waste of time’,or  ‘boring’. So, the next time, they go to the class with low expectations and often cause problems for the teacher, in order to alleviate the boredom.

My view is that are two types of learner in every class. The students and the teachers, who need the views of the students on the learning experiences that they have as a result of being in the class. If the teacher is an expert on teaching content then each student is the expert on the experience of the learning process.

It was therefore encouraging to receive a video from Ken Loomis, who is a High School teacher in the USA. He used the amazing people video that  we have developed on the life of Captain Cook, the great explorer.

Ken asked his students to comment on the use of the short video in order to gain feedback from the students on their views about the learning process. This is what they had to say.

It is clear that the students of today want a say in the education process. They can help teachers improve their performance.

How many teachers will follow the example set by Ken Loomis? It seems to me that is the best way to improve both teaching and learning.