Walt Disney – A Team Development Entrepreneur

How did Walt Disney get the idea to develop cartoons that entertained millions of people? Also, how did he build the great Disneyland team?

Of course, many of us come up with good ideas. Sometimes we work on them and develop an invention. That is only half the battle at best. To make money from your work you need to promote, distribute, sell and manage what you have created. It often requires gaining the support of people to invest in your idea. Only a few people are successful in converting ideas into businesses that earn a lot of money. We call such people entrepreneurs.

Walt Disney is a classic example. His great talent was to draw amusing characters and fit them to interesting stories. But, it was Roy Disney, his brother, who helped him develop a team that dealt with the marketing, distribution and production issues, plus the financial and legal issues.  So, if you plan to be an entrepreneur then develop a team to go with your innovation.

Thanks to photos/expressmonorail for use of the flickr photo


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