Charles J  biz informalWelcome to the site were you can share views on amazing people. It started when I had the idea that  it would be fascinating to meet people like Shakespeare, Mozart, Einstein and others such as Elvis Presley and Edith Piaf. They all had exceptional talent. Therefore, I decided to travel through time and interview them. Why not? We can see pictures on television from thousands of miles away. We can talk on our phones to people in different countries. Computers pass messages at the speed of light. Why not meet people from a different age. You can join with me and do the same.

For example, you can meet peope in the following areas:

Science – Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein, Louis Pasteur, Galileo

Business – Cesare Ritz, Coco Chanel, Walt Disney, William Boeing

Literature – William Shakespeare, Charles Dickens

Engineering – George Stephenson, Isambard Brunel, John Baird

Musicians – Edith Piaf, Wolgang Mozart, Antonio Vivaldi

Medicine – Edward Jenner, FlorenceNightingale, Elizabeth Blackwell

Aviators –  Amelia Earhart, Amy Johnson, Yuri Gagarin

Explorers – Christopher Columbus, Joseph Banks, James Cook

I hope that you will join us on the  journeys with these and other amazing people.

If you wish to see the applications of the biographical interviews, which I call BioViews for short, then go to amazingpeopleclub.com

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  • A little bit about me

    I created the AmazingPeople series of BioViews books and audios based on my research and experience into famous people and places. This blog gives an insight into the writing, people and places I have visited along the way on this exciting journey with amazing people at my side.