Amazing Americans

AmericaWherever I go, I look for amazing people. A few years ago, I went to America to establish our business, called Team Management System. It gave me a good opportunity to travel the country and see some of the great achievements. I visited great exhibitions such as those at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, and marveled at the Hoover Dam between Arizona and Nevada. In addition, I visited the summer residences of Thomas Edison and also Henry Ford in Florida and of course called in at Disneyland. Each of the places reflected the achievements of amazing people. Therefore, Idecided to write a book about individuals who showed leadership to make America what it is today.


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book, called Amazing Americans, will be published in December 2009 and features a range of those who are less well known, as well as the famous. For example, do you know what Percy Julian or Jonas Salk did, as both of them may have saved your life through their contributions? Likewise, how many people remember Margaret Sanger or Madam Walker and their great contributions?

It was fascinating to meet those people by traveling through time to develop a BioView of their life and times. If you were to travel across America and meet amazing people who would put at the top of your list?

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  1. Great blog! Well, let’s see,who would be at the top of my Amazing Americans list if I could travel back in time…..EASY ELVIS OF COURSE!!! I will never forget the night he died, listening to ‘Radio Luxembourg’, that all night ‘pop’ station that us European kids were not allowed to listen to! I was/am a huge fan. Glad to see that you have done a BioView on Amazing Elvis – ‘the king will never die’!! I really enjoyed your interview with him. Thanks!