Amazing Architects and Builders


City of Nancy

This year I made a tour of the eastern part of France including the cities of Dijon, Tours and Nancy. It was a pleasant tour with time to see the countryside and visit the smaller towns also.

In each place, I admired the architecture. It is amazing what the architects and builders of yesteryear achieved without having the advantage of computers, or modern machinery for digging or for lifting heavy materials.
I spent some time in the city of Nancy and had lunch in a restaurant on Place Stanislas. It is a most impressive place, ironically named after a Polish Lithuanian King. Therefore, in 2005, the President’s of France, Germany and Poland all went to the city of Nancy to commemorate times past and open the new city square. Such are the fortunes of war and the interest in avoiding them in the new Europe.
Nancy is a city with a past that saw many battles as it was on the frontline with Germany and other nations. Today, it is a city that proclaims a vision of the future. Certainly it is worth a visit.