Amazing Artist and Amazing Portraits

Portrait by Emily Hamilton
Portrait by Emily Hamilton

How often have you met someone with a special talent who has not had the opportunity to demonstrate it? A while ago, I met Emily Hamilton when she visited us while  on holiday. At our meeting, I asked her what she liked doing.

‘Drawing is my hobby,’ she said. As I was writing a book on the lives of amazing people, I asked her to send me a couple of examples. On looking at them, the portraits spoke to me because it seemed the were like photographs but done with pencil and ink.

‘Would you like to produce the portraits of Shakespeare, Einstein, Mozart and Marie Curie,’ I asked Emily. ‘Yes, I will try if you send me an example,’ she replied.

Since then, Emily has produced way over 500 drawings, including about 300 portraits. They are all exceptional. Recently, using the modern technology of Photoshop, we have made a collage of her amazing portraits.

They are now displayed on the Amazing People Club Facebook page.

Thanks for all your efforts Emily, and may you continue to amaze us all.