Amazing Doctors – Women’s Health

On my recent visit to the UK, I was in London for a few days. My hotel was next to Euston Station and I decided to go for a walk to see the grand St Pancras Station building, which has now been converted to a hotel.

As I was walking along, I noticed a sign which said The Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Gallery. You may think it is an art gallery. No, this is in my view one of the holy grounds of medicine. It is where Dr Garrett established the first Hospital for Women in England during 1872. Today, it has been restored as multi media centre to celebrate the achievements of Dr Garret and her colleagues.

Dr Elizabeth Garret was an amazing woman. She qualified as a doctor, despite the universities of Oxford, Cambridge, Glasgow and Edinburgh refusing her admission because they would not admit females. However, women throughout the land at that time suffered, as there was little specialist attention given to their health and well being.

Dr Garret is one of the people included in the Amazing Doctors and Nurses book that has now been published. It provides insights into the life and times of those who have improved medical practice and helped save millions of lives.

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