Amazing Explorers

Dr Charles Margerison, Author of Amazing People Stories
Dr Charles Margerison, Author of Amazing People Stories

Christopher Columbus, Marco Polo, Captain James Cook are legends for their historic voyages. Their travels took them many years to complete. Now, in a jet plane, we can travel to the other end of the globe in just over a day. Also, at the click of a button on our computer, we can connect instantly with someone in their own home and have the equivalent of a personal TV channel for our discussions. Our early explorers would have regarded such ideas as pure fantasy.

So, I decided to ‘fly through time’ and meet amazing people who have brought us new ideas. Yes, I have toured the world visiting the countries, cities and villages where amazing people achieved greatness. In England, I visited the home of William Shakespeare and imagined that he was still there to tell me his personal story. In France, I went to the house where Dr Louis Pasteur made medical research breakthroughs in science. In the USA, I visited the summer residences of Henry Ford and Thomas Edison. On each occasion, I imagined that they were there and gave me a personal interview.

That is how the Amazing People Club started. It has now grown to include a range of 16 books, including Amazing Women, Amazing Careers, Amazing Scientists and Amazing Entrepreneurs.

In addition, our team has produced 15 Apple I books on the lives of people like Presidents Washington and Lincoln and the achievements of medical pioneers such as Florence Nightingale and Dr Marie Curie.

We are now developing a fascinating range of avatar based videos on the lives of people like William Boeing, who founded the Boeing Aircraft Company, plus the lives of amazing Olympians.

These are being made available to students and teachers. The evidence is mounting that when students have personal identification with an amazing person, through an audio or video, that they become more interested in what the person did and learn more as a result. In particular, we are designing workshops for teachers to help their students to’ fly through time’ and meet amazing people.

They can choose who they wish to meet and where and from what era. The levels of motivation and interest in these projects has shown us that students, like the early explorers, enjoy voyages. Now, they can do so using the latest technology to go where they want and meet their heroes and heroines in science, business, music, aviation, and many other areas of life. Their voyages are truly amazing.