Amazing London

The London Eye

On my recent visit to London, I went to the big wheel that overlooks the River Thames. The queue for the London Eye, as it is called, was so long that I continued walking. In the bright sunshine of that afternoon who could have predicted the recent riots. But, with about 8 million people all living with 20 square miles there is always the potential for conflict.

As I crossed the Waterloo Bridge, I could see many policemen and I asked one of them why? ‘Civil Servants are on strike and holding a demonstration,’ he said. 

In a year from now, London will hold the Olympic Games. Will the city be burning then? Will the Civil Servants be out on strike? There is a lot to be learned. No doubt it will mean more checks and restrictions.

But, as I walked around there was a lot to admire. The Houses of Parliament designed by Charles Barry reminded me that it was developed in the late 1830s and 1840s., St Paul’s Cathedral designed by Sir Chrisopher Wren took me to the time of the Great London Fire in 1666 . Time spent in the reconverted Shakespeare’s Theatre made me feel as if I was living in the year 1600. A visit to the home of Charles Dickens took meforward to the 1850s. All these places transformed my views as I flew through time. They all inspired me and no doubt the others who visited. May those who visit in 2012 be able to do so in peace and see the great sights that London has to offer.

May those who visit London in 2012, for the Olympics and holidays, enjoy their visit and not have to confront conflct on the streets.