Amazing People and Places


As I travel around, I search for places where people have done amazing things. In Paris, I went to Montmartre where Edith Piaf amazed people, as her emotional voice resonated through the streets. I then went to the Eiffel Tower, developed by Gustave Eiffel, and looked down on the Arc de Triomphe commissioned by Napoleon Bonaparte.

On a visit to New York, I went to the Hudson River, named after Captain Hudson who sailed along it in 1608. I then went to Central Park and marvelled at the greenery in the middle of the skyscapers. Frederick Olmsted was the amazing person behind the design.

Wherever I go, it is possible to see, hear and touch the work of amazing people. In Bonn, Germany, I went to the house where Beethoven was born. On a visit to France, I went to the small town of Amboise and found, to my surprise, the house where Leonardo da Vinci lived during his last years. He was the special guest and tutor of King Francois I. In London, I walked the streets where Charles Dickens lived and imagined what it would have been like in his day.

As a result, I have written many books now published in the amazing people series. We are now publishing the next set of books and they will be pubished in April. So, I will report on these in one months time.

Charles Margerison