Amazing People Library

Walt Disney would have liked it. William Shakespeare would have been amazed.

2431704208_1a05a40e0eYes, the new generation of libraries has arrived. Instead of going to a building, you click your computer and you receive the book or article online.

News today is that the first library that has only digital books and stories has opened in the USA. It will mean quicker access to find information.

The Amazing People Club is also publishing an online library. It contains over 200 life stories, inclusive of Michelangelo, Florence Nightingale, President Lincoln, Harriet Tubman and Helen Keller.

It is available from Impelsys and designed for schools and colleges.

It is called  – Amazing People Library.

The unique feature is that you can listen as well as read the life stories. Also, you gain a Timeline with each story. Great for doing homework or for presenting.

Thanks to the great team who have developed Amazing People Library.