Amazing People of New York

On a visit to New York, I met Mark Macias, who has had a fascinating career in the media industry making videos and working for major news organizations.

In our discussion, we thought it would be a good idea to make an instant video of my visit and capture the ideas associated with the Amazing People Club.

So, that is what we did. Mark did a first class job under great time pressure  and you can see the 3 minute version at the web site.

While in New York, I was a tourist with a purpose to find amazing people who have contributed to city. It was an exciting tour to see places where people like George Washington, Irving Berlin, Theodore Roosevelt, Henry Hudson, Mary Lilly, Frank Sinatra, John D Rockefeller and other greats made the contribution. As a result, I have written the book Amazing People of New York.

It is full of fascinating stories from amazing people such as Mark Twain, Al Jolson, Thomas Edison and all those mentioned above. It is good for students who want to learn about the city and especially for tourists going to the Big Apple.