Amazing People TV

TV for all
TV for all

Galileo could see the stars, but he would have been amazed by television. Leonardo da Vinci dreamt of flying machines, yet he never viewed videos.

It is less than 90 years from the day that the incredible innovator John Logie Baird proved that pictures could ‘fly’ through the air. Now, most children and many adults  take television for granted.

But, there are astounding new developments emerging. More and more people are accessing television programmes on the their mobile phones. Beyond that, we will soon be looking at television on our wrists, as watches become TV screens.

Most important of all is that the  control of television content is moving from the large TV companies to anyone who has a web site. The Amazing People Club have just proved this by launching Amazing People TV.

We provide easy access to students and adults interested in the outstanding achievements of amazing people. Three of our short videos show live action from classrooms in the USA, the UK and Australia. Students became engaged with amazing achievers. Christopher Columbus and his historic voyages, Michelangelo and his elegant art, plus Governor Phillip, the brave leader who founded Australia, provided outstanding leadership examples.

We will be developing even more innovative programmes for Amazing People TV. The good thing is that we do not have to get the permission of the programme controllers of the big television companies. We do not have to wait for a special time to show our programmes. They are available 24 hours a day and 365 days of the year.

Yes, television ‘when and where you want it’  is here to stay. What would Galileo and Leonardo da Vinci have said about that?

Charles Margerison – President of The Amazing People Club