Are You Fit To Survive?


When we think of fitness, we may consider how fast we can walk, run or swim. But, it means far more than that if you accept the views of Charles Darwin. Two days after Xmas in 1831, he set sail in the good ship Beagle on a voyage around the world.It took five years to complete and another 20 years for him to publish what he discovered, His work was printed in a book called the Origin of Species.

Herbert Spencer, the social philosopher,  read it and summed up his view in five words. he called it  the survival of the fittest. In essence, the findings of Darwin pointed to survival being dependent on fitness to find food, to build, to reproduce.

Therefore, I conducted a virtual interview with Charles Darwin to discover what his theory means for ourselves in 2011 and beyond. The story of his life and times is now published in a book called Amazing Careers.

The questions he posed are still relevant to each one of us. So, for example, what have you done today or this week to keep physically fit? What have you done to strengthen your family ties? What have you done to improve your skills ready for the challenges of tomorrow?

Remember  – nothing stands still – you are going forwards or backwards – you are going up or down. Each day you are becoming more fit to survive or less. What is your action plan for both physical and mental fitness. Do you have a plan and the discipline to make it work? If not, then your survival is in danger. So, get a plan and work on it.

To find out more about Charles Darwin, then see his story at Amazing People Club.



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