I have been in the audio studio recently with a number of actors recording the lives of amazing people.

For example, Christopher Columbus describes his four major voyages of exploration. People tell him that he will fall off the end of the world. His crew become scared and threaten to mutiny and throw him overboard. How does he survive?

Einstein, the great scientist, tells how he left Germany and became stateless. He eventually gained entry to higher education in Switzerland and worked in the patent office. At night time, he was working on his great theories which changed our perceptions about time and space.

Marie Curie, the only woman ever to win two Nobel Prizes, also left home to advance her career. In Poland at that time women were not allowed to go to  study at a university. So, she went from Poland to France where in poor circumstances she gained entry to the Sorbonne University. Later, her  outstanding work in chemistry and physics  led to new treatments for cancer and related illnesses.

It has been a major learning experience writing the scripts for the actor and actresses. In the process, I have got to know in a virtual sense amazing people like Louis Pasteur, Abraham Lincoln, Johan Strauss, Michelangelo, Martin Luther, Coco Chanel and Thomas Edison. Some of the people are now recorded on our audio system, such as Florence Nightingale.

Each one has a fascinating story to tell and we are now recording them in short audios that on average last for between 10 and 15 minutes. In addition, I am working with colleagues on a new series called the Amazing People of London and also the Amazing People of New York.  More of that in due course.