As I have travelled around the USA , Europe and Australasia, I have visited the birthplaces and homes of many amazing people. In England, I went to Stratford on Avon and visited the house where William Shakespeare lived as a boy.  In London, I went to the house were Charles Dickens wrote many of his famous books. In New York, I toured Manhattan and walked the same terrain that George Washington and his troops captured from the British over 200 years ago. How things have changed!

Therefore, I decided to write virtual interviews with these and other  amazing people. They are now part of a series of books at the Amazing People Club. They benefited others with their great contributions. Also in the series are Leonardo,  Rubinstein, Beethoven and the many other people I met on my travels. I have now developed over 200 short biographical interviews, called BioViews for short. They are included in books and audios on what amazing people contributed to the world.  One of them is called Amazing Women. Another is called Amazing Americans.

While visiting Germany, a friend took me to the house where Beethoven was born. Both houses had stories to tell and I therefore decided to write them as I had met the the people who lived there.

Each one of these places, and the other ones that I visited, had a special quality about them. It was as if I was walking through time. Indeed, I half expected to meet Shakespeare in the next room that I walked into. It would not have surprised me if Charles Dickens had come through the door and said hello while I was in his house. It seemed that, by the magic of time travel, I was able to understand what their lives were like.

Have you visited the places where amazing people were born and what did you gain from your visits?


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