How Amazing People Succeed

Sep. 9, 2011 by

All the people in this picture are famous. How many of them can you name? They all achieved a great deal in their lives. They did so by using the talents and time well. It is fascinating to conduct virtual

Team Management Systems Wheel


Sep. 5, 2011 by

All successful organizations depend on great teamwork. That is what we have at the Amazing People Club thanks to  our enthusiastic team members. Also, all the amazing people who we have met and write about had many people who supported

Lloyds Coffee House London

Coffee Shop Stories

Mar. 1, 2011 by

Walk through any shopping centre or city street and you will see people in coffee shops. They have become the great meeting places of our age. But, who started the craze? Edward Lloyd was the man who got things going in


Entrepreneurs – Required Urgently

Oct. 31, 2010 by

Entrepreneurs are in the news. They always are when people are losing their jobs. Governments suddenly want to encourage new businesses to  create employment  Having launched five businesses, I know how hard it is and the risks involved. Therefore, I

TMS Wheel

Team Management Celebrations

Oct. 11, 2010 by

Just returned from a grand celebration. Twenty five years ago, I launched a business idea called Team Management Systems with my colleague Dr Dick McCann. Since then the Margerison McCann Team Management Wheel has taken off round the world. The


Business Success Secrets

Aug. 28, 2010 by

Who was it that developed the McDonald chain of restaurants and how did he do it? How did Helena Rubinstein the cosmetic entrepreneur become rich and famous? Who was Georges de Mestral, as each day we use the product that