Doctors and Nurses

When I ask people who are the people you trust most they say doctors and nurses. Maybe we don’t have much choice when we are ill. We hope that the doctor who we consult and the nurses who treat will not only be competent but kind.

I have written a book on those who have made breakthroughs to help others in the field of medicine. The book is called Amazing Doctors and Nurses. It charts the great contributions to improving health care, including Dr Jenner and his vaccination work. Also, included are doctors who are not so well known, but their work has saved millions of lives. Dr Yersin for example discovered the cause of plague. Dr Semmelweis discovered why many women died unecessarily in childbirth. It shows how Dr Elizabet Blackwell became the first qualified female doctor i the USA and the first to be registered in the UK.

We have a lot to thank our doctors and nurses for and I hope this book and audio does that.