Dollars from Apples

Some days are more significant than others. On this day in 1976, a little known company launched a computer called Apple 1. The two whizz kid founders were helped in the  formation of  their company by a colleague. They gave him 10% of the shares, but it is said that he later returned them for about $2,300. If he had kept his shares, he would be worth in the region of over $50 billion, on the market capital value, and growing by the day.

The finances of Apple are so strong that the companies capital value is more than twice the size of Google. Also, in comparison, Microsoft, the maj0r tech company, has a market capitlization valued at about $250 billion. Apple Inc is approaching $600 billion. That is over six times the size of

So, some days are more significant than others. The actual day the company was formed was April 1st. Those who have followed and invested in the organization were no fools. Indeed, they could claim to be amazing in their foresight and they would have been well rewarded over the past 36 years.

My interest in writing about Amazing Entrepreneurs is reflected in the book of that title, which is now published by The Amazing People Club.



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