Dr Louis Pasteur’s Laboratory – A Time Travel Discovery

 I have been travelling in France …. on the trail of amazing people. My normal approach is to visit the tourist office in a town and ask, ‘Are there any famous people who have been born near here?’ With great pride, the adviser invariably provides me with a list and I use it to start my search.

An example is my visit to Dole in France. It is very small town,in the south east of the country, that I visited in June. The lady tourist adviser said,with pride, ‘Dr Louis Pasteur, the great scientist, was born here.’

Excited by my find, I set off to his home only to hear that, when he was 8 years of age, his parents had move to Arbois, 40 kilometres away. So, in my hire car, I set off and found the terraced house where Louis Pasteur did so many of his great scientific experiments. When his father died, Louis inherited the house and bought the one next door to build a laboratory upstairs. It was amazing to walk back in time and enter the science lab where he did great experiments. They led to  many breakthroughs on the discovery of bacteria and other issues like pasteurization.

For more information, see the amazing people club web site.

So, who have you discovered on your travels.


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  1. I never tire from reading about your AMAZING adventures as you follow the footsteps of these amazing people and their amazing places! Looking forward to reading more from the Time Traveller! Thanks LizzieMc