Entrepreneurs Quiz

This is an opportunity to test your knowledge of the people who created major organizations. If you can successfully name 7 or more then you have a very good knowledge of business entrepreneurs.

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Who Am I?  –  Clues on the Characters

1 – Born in Canada, I went to work in the USA, as a bookkeeper, but my real interest was in  cosmetics. I changed my name from Florence Nightingale Graham to one that is now recognized as a world leader in the cosmetics retail  industry.

Who is this successful entrepreneur?

2 –My mother and wife became deaf. I therefore studied acoustics in order to help them and became a specialist teacher of deaf people. When my family emigrated fromScotlandtoCanada, I experimented on the transmission of sound waves via telegraphic wires. I developed an acoustic telegraph and founded of one the largest telephone companies in the world.

 Who was he?

3 – In 1855, I took out a patent to produce steel from molten pig iron. It was decision that speeded up the industrial revolution. The cost of production fell from 40 pounds a ton to only 6 pounds a ton. In the process, I became very rich. 

 What was his name?

 4 – I was not a professional pilot, but he changed the face of aviation. Born in theUSA, to a wealthy family, I used my inheritance to create a company in 1916 that built aircraft. It continues to do so and has transported millions of people in planes that bear his name.

 Who was he?

 5 – Herbs were the original basis of my business. In 1850, when I was born, they were the main way in which people tried to alleviate pain and cure their illnesses. I changed the business into a retail  pharmaceutical company with over 1000 shops, in the UK, providing medicines and support services.

 What was his name?

 6 – Born in Dunfermline,Scotland, I emigrated with my parents to theUSAin 1848, as my father was an unemployed weaver. Just over 20 years later I was the richest man in the world and gave millions of dollars away to charity.

 What is his name?

 7 – My mother died when she was young and I was educated by nuns in a French orphanage. Later, I  became a night club singer and a hat maker before making my fortune by opening a chain of fashion shops.

 Can you name her?

 8 – My father was one of many people who went to California to dig for gold, but I discovered the real gold in Hollywood with animated illustrations that earned me a fortune. Before that, I had driven a Red Cross ambulance in France during the 1st World War.  Now my  name is associated with films, TV, resorts and theme parks.

 What is his name?

 9 – I arrived in New York without any money and borrowed a dollar. Within a few years, I was a multi millionaire as a result of inventions and business applications. In all, I registered 1079 patents including one for the first recording machine. I was the founder of General Electric and many other companies.

 Can you name him?

 10 – As a young man, I moved from the farm, where I was born, to the city of Detroit and became an engineer. I then applied my knowledge to making motor cars and established an international company that still bears my name.

 Please name him.


  1. Elizabeth Arden
  2. Henry Bessemer
  3. William Boeing
  4. Alexander Graham Bell
  5. Jesse Boot
  6. Andres Carnegie
  7. Coco Chanel
  8. Walt Disney
  9. Thomas Edison
  10. Henry Ford