Finding Amazing People

This is a picture of the city of Brisbane, Queensland Australia, near where I live. If I fly to the USA from Brisbane, I can leave on a Monday and arrive on a Sunday. It may not seem logical, but it is possible. In effect, by flying through the air I am also flying through time. It means that I can have two Mondays in the same week. On my return, I will miss part of, or a whole day, as I cross the date line.

Imagine doing this across 100 or 200 years or more, where you return to an earlier time period. Would you like to live in New York during 1811 or travel to London that year. Well, in effect, that is what I try to do. My hobby is to find amazing people.

Therefore, I go to where they lived and walk the same streets. Where possible, I go to the house where they lived. I have been to William Shakespeare’s house in Stratford on Avon, England. I have also been to the one where Charles Dicken’s wrote many famous books in London. In France, I went to the house given to Leonardo da Vinci by King Francois I. In the USA, I have walked the streets where Walt Whitman and Mark Twain strolled as they gathered ideas for their stories.

I am about to fly through time again to find amazing people. This year, if all is well, I am going to France, Switzerland, Austrla, Hungary and the UK. While in those countries, I will ask local people who they admire as amazing people from their area. No doubt they will introduce me to more amazing stories. I look forward to sharing them with you when I return on .


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  1. Good luck on your travels to find Amazing People. It all sounds very ‘amazing’ indeed and when you actually stop to think about it, the world is rapidly changing around us. I wonder what these Amazing People would think?? I would love to get their EXPERT opinion on the current and very topical subject – The Future of the Book!
    thanks, Lizzie

  2. I would love to hear more about this, Time travel has always been an interest of mine, And i guess this is as close as you can get to it!

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