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2431704208_1a05a40e0eThe Amazing People Club is  working on some very interesting applications for the iPhone with a partner organization called City Slicker. Some of the exciting people we are working with are  William Shakespeare, Queen Victoria and William the Conqueror. They all appear in our book Amazing People of London which is now available via Amazon. The audio version will be on the City Slicker iPhone guide to London, which is to be published soon.

When you visit a city you can provide an audio guide.Listening to the stories of amazing people who lived there gives you new and personal insight into the place you are visiting. Hearing what  amazing people did and their experiences gives the feeling of being transported through time to a different era.

The iPhone, and its applications, open up a new world for developers and its users to view information that otherwise would be left behind closed doors in a library. By bringing that information to the palm of their hands it is possible in this digital age to wander around London, Paris or New York and listen to some of the world’s amazing people give you a personal guided tour.

This is an innovative time and we are looking forward to gaining people’s responses when they take the amazing people city tours.

Have you recently taken any city tours? Was there an audio provided or did you have a guide? Why not visit our web site at www.amazingpeopleclub.com and also order the Amazing People of London book from www.amazon.com

Thanks to williamhook for the use of this photo from flickr.


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