Learning from Olympic Athletes

The training is reaching a peak. The athletes competing in the 2012 Olympics are counting down the days. The competitions and events will test them to the limit. Some will break world records. We will see a few athletes run or swim quicker than any human in history. Heros and heroines will be created.

But, all the Olympic athletes are examples to the young people . They provide role models of achievement. They will show what can be done through following a plan to improve ones performance. They have gained high levels of fitness by regular training and also eating food that is consistent with their ambitions. That all stands in contrast to those who have few goals and become obese by eating junk food.

Olympic athletes provide everyone with examples of  organization, discipline, effort, focus and determination. These are all characteristics that are needed to succeed in life, beyond the race track or the swimming pool. My own work on the lives of amazing people shows that those who succeeded identified their special talent and then worked to develop it as if they were in a race.

Indeed, we are all in a race – the race of life to be fit, healthy, happy and successful. If we do not focus and develop our talent then it will leave us and we will be left behind and in most cases living in poor circumstances. Charles Darwin, the great scientist, indicated that we need to adapt to survive and that means we need to learn from the action we take. Learning from the way Olympians prepare for their competitions is a useful way to improve one’s own performance.

Best wishes, Charles Margerison.