Learning Plans – More Action Please

Active LearningI have just read a report on education. More money is spent, but there is concern  about the results achieved.. Politicians call for more research. Proposals are developed to improve the quality of teaching.

But, the students are rarely consulted. They are the recipients and the clients. In many cases, they know more than their teachers, particularly on the use of mobile communications. Having visited a number of schools, it is clear that too many teachers are way behind their students on the use of technology.

Teachers also claim they are too busy filling in forms  and marking papers. They also complain that they have to produce detailed teaching plans.

Well they may be right. My view is that we need Learning Plans. This would put the focus on the getting results. Instead of doing more teaching the teachers would focus more on facilitating students in groups to work on learning assignments.

It is well established that people develop competence by taking action. Too much of education, involves students sitting in passive mode. There is a need for more action learning.

We have been facilitating this by introducing amazing people into the classroom. Pictures are worth more than words – so have a look at this and make up your own mind.