Leonardo’ French Home

leonardos house

While traveling through France, I decided on stop in Amboise, as it was getting late. Having checked into a hotel, I went for a walk on a beautiful summer’s evening. To my surprise, I saw a sign that had the name of Leonardo da Vinci on it.

Why would the great Italian artist, architect and inventor have had a house in a small French town? Following the sign, I walked along an old cobbled stone street and arrived at a large house. Outside, there was a notice saying that Leonardo once lived there.

The next day, I returned and discovered that King Francois I of France had indeed invited Leonardo to live in Amboise and provided him with a grand house. The King used to walk along the same cobbled street to visit Leonardo for discussions and lessons. What a find on my search for amazing people!

Thanks to ell-r-brown for the use of this photo from flickr.


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