London and the Olympics

The race is already on. London has Olympics Fever. While I was there, many thousands of people were hoping they would win the race for Olympic Games tickets in the lottery.

I was in London recently on business, as I am writing a book called Amazing Olympians. It tells the personal stories of 12 people who won medals at the Olympics from 1896 onwards, when the modern version of the games was started.

While staying in a hotel, at St Pancras Station, I took this fascinating photo from my bed room window. It was 5.0 o’clock in the morning. The first train had arrived and it woke me up. As I looked out of the window, the five big Olympic Games symbolic rings laybefore me.

It showed that London is ready to welcome guests from all over the world to the  the 2012 Olympic Games .

This is the third time that London has had the honour, The first time they held the Olympics was in 1908. The second time was in 1948, just after the Second World War. So, after 63 years the Olympics returns to the UK.

I was in London as part of the work I do for the Amazing People Club. Many meetings were arranged by Frances Corcoran, our International Publisher for the publication and distribution of the books, audios and videos. In particular, a  contract was signed with Ebsco, the large USA based library distributor, to go alongside our agreement with Hachette Book Group.

To celebrate the Olympic Games, the new book, called Amazing Olympians which has been very well edited by Lisa Moffat, will be published in November 2011.

Hope you enjoy the Olympic Games and I trust that the book helps you meet and appreciate the great Olympians for other eras.