London to France

On my recent tour round the world, I visited London. It is a place I know fairly well, as I lived there for three years and a place I have been to on many business trips. While there, I completed my book Amazing People of London. It is a series of interviews with people who made London what it is today.

So, I went to the house of Charles Dickens and imagined what he would have said and wrote it down. I went to the Houses of Parliament, and Nelson’s Column and St Paul’s Cathedral. They are all inspirational places with a great history. At  Buckingham Palace, I imagined what Queen Victoria would have said about London in her time. That interview, which I call a BioView, is also in the book

After that, I took the Eurorail train to mainland Europe. It was a great ride and very quick. Much easier to access than flying. Once in France, I hired a car and went in search of more amazing people. Each town and city had people who were celebrated as local heroes. Of course, there were more amazing people in Paris than in other places. Therefore, I am writing the next book in the series. It is called – Amazing People of Paris. It will be published in December.

Regards, Charles Margerison