Magic Machines

Every week brings news of an amazing piece of technology. In the last few days, Blackberry have announced a rival to the iPad, with a hand held machine that does most things except cook breakfast. You can be anywhere now and communicate with whoever you wish so long as they have a magic machine in their hands.

Not so long ago, our forefathers had to wait upon a  fast horse, or a boat with a strong wind in its sails to gain the news from afar. Now, we do it with a click of the finger. We can explore the world from our living room – unlike the explorers of old, who braved the oceans, the deserts, the mountains and more recently outer space.

As a recognition of the great explorers, I wrote some biographical interviews that I called BioViews. I then invited some actors to a recording studio and asked them to play the parts of great explorers like Christopher Columbus, James Cook, Yuri Gagarin and Arthur Philip.

The audio recordings have now been published and can be downloaded on to the magic machine in your hand. I hope that you enjoy them and discover what exploring meant in the days before the magic machines.

For more information on the series please go to Amazing People Club.