Master Builder of New York

New York has grown at an amazing rate over the last two centuries and now has more than eight million people living there. Many people have contributed but one person  changed the face of New York. Robert Moses was not an architect and engineer or even a builder. Appointed by Al Smith, the Governor of New York in the early 193o’s, he held administrative power in the city for over 30 years.

Initially, he had New Deal money to build roads and bridges. Then he persuaded private developers to invest.. He held his job during the reign of five New York Mayors and seven Governors. In addition, to the many transport facilities he helped build he also developed the New York Zoo. Sidney Shapiro was his right hand man who helped make the ideas and plans of Moses come to fruition. His control over public housing put him in a powerful position. He is said to have a major role in establishing the World Fair in New York and for the development of the Unitied Nations Building. There is no doubt Robert Moses was an amazing person a free two minute audio that I have written about him is available at

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