Meeting Amazing People

It is my hobby to meet amazing people. They include Mozart, Einstein , Marie Curie, Shakespeare, Pasteur and other famous people. They are still alive through  their work, which lives on. I meet these amazing people by visiting the places where  they were born or worked and also via the internet. As I discover more about them, I write a virtual interview on why they did what they did and how.

For example, on a visit to Poland, I stayed in a small hotel. It was once the family home of Helena Rubinstein the cosmetics entrepreneur. Her  story is reflected in the new book called Amazing Entrepreneurs. In France, I went to Amboise and stumbled over the last home of Leonardo da Vinci. In London, I went to the home of Charles Dickens. On my visit to New York, I walked the same streets where the great singers like Sinatra, Presley, Armstrong performed and where the theatres still resound to their music.

This web site reflects the people I have met and the places I have been too. I have written over 12 books and made many audio recordings of those people. I hope you will share the journey with me in a virtual way. Regards.