New Teamwork Interview with Dr Charles Margerison


Recently, I was at a conference and asked my views on teamwork and how people can work together effectively. I said it starts by each individual understanding their talents and how they use their time. There are eight main areas, as shown in the model on this page.

Using the Team Management Profile Questionnaire. it is possible to discover the areas that best fit your work preferences.

With the introduction of technology, there are fast moving developments in how people can communicate. The web, emails, Skype and many other systems help us understand what is going on, but teamwork is more than communication.

It starts with understanding the task and the work preferences of the people on the team. My involvement in this has been with Team Management Systems. This is a company that I co-founded in 1985. Since then it has developed strongly around the world and has operations in the USA, Canada, the UK, Europe, Asia and Australia and New Zealand.

This interview sums up my views on teamwork  and thoughts for the future.