New Year 2014

People of the WorldWhat will this year bring?

There will be commemorations of the 1914 – 1918 war when millions died, yet historians still find it hard to discover why ? We know the what, then when, where and how. But, why a local conflict became a world war is still somewhat of a mystery.

Could it happen again? Well there are lots of hot spots around the world that threaten to ignite conflict. The Russians are nervous about their southern neighbours. The Koreans are worried about their northern brothers and sisters who march to a different drummer. The Israelis and the Palestinians continue a long standing conflict. In Africa, there are many hots spots from Libya, to Egypt to Sudan and elsewhere in Mali and other countries. In addition, Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan  have problems that international forces cannot control. Then, there are over one billion people in India living next to Pakistan and both countries have nuclear weapons. To the north east, the Chinese have the largest army in the world.

So, will 2014 be a time of peace or bring more conflict. Some people think the 3rd World War has already begun, but not been declared. In terms of ideology, the followers of Islam move forward at a rapid rate. There is no equivalent advance in the follows of Christianity or other religions. Will the 3rd World War be won through conversions, rather than conflict?

Given that it is 100 years from the start of the First World War, we should remember those who made it possible for us to have a better life than they did. Let us hope, we do not fall into a Third World War by neglect.

On the positive side, we can expect more amazing advances in technology of all kinds, faster communications, new medical breakthroughs, a deluge of information as online publishing increases and more time spent on virtual experiences via phones, tablets, Ipads, and other hi – tech devices. The question is will we become wiser as well as being more informed and technically clever?

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Happy New Year