New York, New York

Broadway, the popular theatre district of New York City
Broadway, the popular theatre district of New York City

Who designed Central Park? Why is the Hudson River so named? What did George Washington do in New York that changed American history in 1789? Those were questions that interested me. So, I went in search of the answers by traveling via a BioView ( short for biographical interview)  through virtual time to meet those who made a mark on the great city.

Who would you like to meet if you made a virtual tour to meet people who changed the face of New York?

Thanks to francesco72 for the use of this photo from flickr.


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  1. How would you like to have had President George Washington as your guide to New York, or meet Captain Hudson whose name defines the great river? That was the idea that led me to travel through time and conduct virtual interviews with them and others such as Mark Twain, Margaret Sanger, Damon Runyon and others who made outstanding contributions to the city that never sleeps.