Olympic Games – Questions

In just over three months, the 2012 Olympic Games will commence in London. The competitors have been training hard. The organizers have been working night and day to get the facilities ready.

But, why do we have the Olympics? Where and when did they start? Why where the Olympics Games banned by the Romans? Who was it that resurrected the modern Olympics?

Those were questions that interested me. So, I decided to find the answers and write a book. It has just been published under the title of Amazing Olympians.

I discovered some fascinating information. For example, when the first winner of the Marathon race in the modern Olympics was Spyros Louis. When asked what he would like as a prize, he asked for a donkey. When asked why, he said that he was a water carrier and it would help in in his work.

So, if you would like answers to many quiz questions about the Olympics then I hope you will download the online version from Amazon or one of the other distributors.

Soon, the 2012 Olympic Games will commence.