Piano Man Psychology

Play it again!

Billy Joel wrote the famous song called Piano Man, no doubt based on his observations from what he noticed as he played in bars and cafés as a young man.

I am now in a similar situation. Each day, I play the piano at the Baby Grand Lounge at the Oasis in Broadbeach, Gold Coast, Queensland. It is not my full time job, as I am a psychologist and author, working in the publishing industry with The Amazing People Club and Team Management Systems.

I find it relaxing to take time away from writing and editing our i books and e books, to play popular songs. But, most of all, like Billy Joel, I learn a lot from the people who come to the café. A number of them come over and ask me to play their favorite tune, or to talk about their own experiences as a musician in a band.

Most people though are head to head in conversation. For some, it looks like a business deal, as they are dressed in formal clothes. For others, it is a family get together. Many of the people are old friends and meet over a cup of coffee or tea, to share memories or plan. Some people seem to be in discussions about life and living and the highs and lows. No doubt, a problem shared is a problem halved. Many come to the café in between their shopping, to have a rest and reflect on what to do next.

Yes, the modern café serves many purposes. Maybe, like Billy Joel, I should write a song about the people and events. In the process, I have learned what people like and improved my abilities as a musician. Another example of action learning through involvement.