Self Development via Action Learning


What do Henry Ford, Coco Chanel, Thomas Edison and Helena Rubinstein have in common? They all became multi – millionaires without going to a University or a Business School. So did Richard Branson and Steve Jobs. Bill Gates had the opportunity to do the courses at Harvard, but chose get into business action and learn from experience.

I have researched the lives of over 500 amazing people. Most of them succeeded via a path of self development through action and experience. No doubt, they met people on life’s road who helped them, but they all took their opportunities to make the best of their talent. Great innovators, like Leonardo, Gallileo and Michelangelo, were given guidance, but then they put in hours of effort to master their crafts.

Business entrepreneurs are renowned for learning on the job and developing their talents through case examples. Hoteliers like Césae Ritz  and John Willard Marriot had no formal training, yet they developed major businesses. Helena Rubinstein and Coco Chanel built their retail empires by action learning.

Professor Reg Revans  wisely developed this term to describe the processes of learning with and from others. We need more of it in our fast paced world. Too often, we do not make time to form the relationships and ask questions that produce meaningful sharing and comparing,

So, in 2012, I am publishing stories on the lives  of people were successful at Amazing People Club . In addition, we are launching Opportunities Management, for those who wish to develop their talents. It will focus on how to use action learning as the basis for success.


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  1. Everyone loves to read other peoples success stories. It provides us with evidence that amazing things do happen to normal people. By learning what they did to succeed we come one step closer to success ourselves. Such is the case with the ten stories told in Net Entrepreneurs Only – 10 Entrepreneurs Tell the Stories of their Success by Gregory K. Ericksen and Ernst & Young..

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