Seven Senses and Six Questions

The Amazing People ClubEach day we succeed or fail depending on how well we  use our senses to gain and understand information.

We wake up and our senses immediately tell us many things. We may hear the rain, or feel the heat, or smell the air. In the bath room,we wash our hands and our sense of touch tells us if the water is cold or hot. Going into the kitchen, we cook our breakfast and our sense of taste tells us if it is good.

The senses of hearing, feeling, smelling, seeing touching, tasting tell us a great deal. In addition, we perceive through our intuition, where we combine information and come to conclusions. Some call it the intuitive sense. Also, we have the sense of equilibrium, as we walk, dance, run and move.

The extent to which we use our senses well depends on the questions that we ask. Rudyard Kipling famously talked about his six good serving men’ that taught him all he knew. The questions were  – What? When? Where? Why? How? and Who?

My studies of amazing people showed that they used both their seven senses and the six questions exceptionally well. Most of all, they transformed the information they received into action via sound judgements.

In terms of your personal development, which of the senses do you use most? Which are the ones that you need to develop more? In particular, what questions can you ask yourself to focus your attention on what your priorities in life?