Shakespeare and Hathaway Video

Stratford on Avon-1

A fascinating short video is the surprise result of a question that I put to James Hudson who I met recently. What do you like doing?”  was a question I posed to James. ‘I like making videos’, he replied. “How about making one on William Shakespeare?” I asked on the spur of the moment.

Within a few minutes, we had agreed that I would write the script and  he would go with my colleague Frances to Stratford on Avon to make the video. A couple of weeks later, they were in a car and on their way to the home of the great playwrite. We agreed the video should be about 3 or 4 minutes and reflect how William met Anne Hathaway, plus how he set off for London to try and make his fame and fortune. Frances agreed to play Anne Hathaway and James’ mate played William.

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You can meet William Shakespeare and hear the audio of his life story.

Thanks to mcdemoura for use of the photo