Shakespeare’s Ghost Writer


Walking through Stratford-on- Avon, in England, on a bright summer’s day, I saw a sign. It said – William Shakespeare’s Birthplace. Arriving at the front door, it was as if I had flown through more than 400 years of time. He was baptized on 26th April in 1564. So, he is  448 years old.

I use the present tense because we still attend his plays and read his poetry and use his many sayings. His legacy lives on. Indeed, his contribution to the British Government and the local Stratford  tourist trade runs into the millions of pounds each year. So, William Shakespeare is alive and well, in a virtual sense at least.

That is what I discovered when I went inside his birthplace. As I imagined, he was sitting on a sofa. I mentioned my interest in writing about the life stories of amazing people. ‘ Will I make your list?’ he asked and laughed.

Therefore, I put some questions to him about his marriage,  his career and experiences of life in London. The virtual interview was an amazing event. As a result, I have become Willliam Shakepeare’s ghost writer, so to speak. His story is now published by The Amazing People Club.

I hope you like what William had to say. It has now been included in the published stories,including the audio version.