Slave, Soldier and Spy

Tubman pic

I am interested in people who achieved great things in their lives. Harriet Tubman stands out. Born into an American slave family, it looked as if she would live all of her life in servitude. After some beatings from slave owners, she decided to escape. Her first effort failed. The next time she traveled northwards by night and made it to a slave free State.

She wanted to rescue members of her family and other slaves. So, time after time. she went back and under the cover of dark and helped slaves escape. She help establish what was called the Underground Railway. This was a term used by those helping slaves escape.

When the USA Civil War broke out, Harriet Tubman volunteered to serve as a cook and then a nurse. The Union Army wanted slaves to fight on their side. So, Harriet became a soldier scout and went into enemy territory to find slaves who wanted to escape. In the process, she became a spy and took back valuable information about the Confederate Army. After the war, she fought for equal rights and set up a home for elderly people.

I was amazed when I discovered the story of Harriet Tubman’s life. Despite the difficulties that she encountered she triumphed by determination. Who do you know that has overcome real difficulties and been an inspiration to you and others? Here are the amazing people  that I have found

Thanks to eriksens for the use of this photo from flickr.